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In what is obviously just a cheap attempt to steer your attention away from our epic lazyness, we point an infurated finger at Blizzard's European team, who totally screwed up the weekly maintenance notice tonight. Instead of piqueing our interest for today's not-so-dramatic-but-still-wtf'ish patch 3.0.8, those lazy bums copy-pasted an ancient maintenance notice dating back to the summer of 2008!

The best part comes at the end of said notice, where they urge us to have a cup of STFU and stop bugging them about the WotLK beta. Exactly, while that big bone dragon spews its icy flames all over the goddamn WotLK log-in screen. Hats off, Blizz, you messed it up real fine this time!

I can only hope they won't copy-paste some obsolete code from last year, as well, 'cause the AH spice must flow. Those 16k gold mammoth mounts don't buy themselves, you know.

Another totally journalistic report courtesy of the Weekly Maintenance TM
Breionwrote on Mar 30, 2009 at 07:14
long time no post for me, where is the guy that manages wipefest!!! no post in 2 months!!! as they would say on AOTS... EPIC FAIL!!!
planetwrote on Apr 28, 2009 at 03:23
^ also, cryocopy is broken, fix pls
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