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There's more to wiping than just PvE dungeons and raid bosses: when it comes to PvP, the question from our first poll - "Are you a wiper, or a whipee?" - takes a whole new meaning. It's wipe or be wiped, and in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, we'll have an entire zone with nothing but PvP slaughtering, called Lake Wintergrasp. It's a frozen area located to the west of The Dragonblight region, inhabited by taunka - a lost tauren race - at a settlement named Icemist Village (check the Northrend map).

"No PvE quests. No dungeons. Just raw PvP, siege weapons and building destruction." That's how Wintergrasp lake is described in the latest issue of the PC Zone magazine, in which lead designer Jeff Kaplan (Tigole) talks about some of the zones in Northrend. You can read more about the others over on Blizzplanet.

Sounds to me like the good old days of Southshore / Tarren Mill world PvP'ing are back with a vengeance. Blood will flow freeze, arrrrrr!

Breionwrote on Jan 15, 2008 at 21:02
I'm gunna be the first one there. I love the idea of rideing around in a tank blowing the crap out of evrything in my path. LOL total pownage
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