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Here's a video of Prince Kael'thas getting his ass served in his cozy new home, up on Sunwell Isle. This of course happened on the Public Test Realm, while the rest of us are waiting patiently (more or less) for Blizzard to deploy the 2.4 patch, one of these Wednesdays.

In case you've been living at the Auction House for the last couple of months, Kael'thas is the last boss from The Magister's Terrace, the new 5-man dungeon being introduced in World of Warcraft with version 2.4. You can read the tactics for this fight on Blizzplanet, if you really want to spoil the fun of an oblivious wipe. Not me, though. I got a challenge to attend with my guildies, to see who can clear out that place first, without reading tacts on the nets.

It was Puchiko's fault.

Wiping at Magtheridon was getting rather boring on our second visit to his collapsing citadel. Even more so after somebody thought it would be jolly hilarious to go stuff his face with some nice family dinner, and keep the other 24 people waiting for 15 minutes each. That's six hours of total wait time you hungry bastard!... But anyway, it wasn't his fault we wiped. We just plain sucked ass this week.

That's why (the logic still baffles me) we took our freshly wiped asses all the way to the Eye, in Tempest Keep. And guess what we did there!... Oh wait, the title already gave it away. Yeah, we kind of wiped at the Void Reaver. Kind of. And he even enraged a bit. Just a bit.

Oh well, at least we got to see the phoenix god Al'ar on the way there, so all was not in vain. A rather costly sightseeing tour, but I'm still looking forward to next week's raid. Who knows what raging beast will pick his putrid teeth with my shiny space-goat horns next time.
Being a Boomkin is preety sweet. You get so many options, it's sometimes overwhelming. Like being kicked out of a group for the lack of CC, or for the fact that, sooner or later, you will be bound to roll on Mage gear. And they will hate you for it, even though you dish way more damage than those scrub vending machines.

I always say, cloth is for real men. And leather is for sissies. And Enchantment Enhancement Shamans. But wearing cloth as a spellcaster, even an elven one, has its disadvantages... Just check the chat below.

Calling me a mage is a bigger insult than calling Lady Sylvanas fat. Really.
It was Puchiko's fault.

There are many ways to wipe at Magtheridon, but none so goddamn frustrating as getting ran over by not one - but two trains Burning Abysalls stomping loose, dying at the beginning of the fight, and helplessly watching the rest of the raid slowly perish, with Magtheridon left at 14%. What a glorious way to end my first day in Maggy's hellish citadel...

WTB bullets and a boomstick.
Can't believe it's already been two weeks this year since I wiped in a guild raid. But tonight, I finally did it! Multiple times, in fact. It felt good... It felt rough! So rough, that I still got scratches on the back of my spellthreaded pants - proof... of my nerfed bravery, as I was trying to flee the hopeless battles, leaving the enemies with a sight to behold: my secluded place where the Holy Light don't shine.

There's no shame in wiping, really. Or if there is, I sure don't have any. Everybody wipes, after all, right? The only shame is to repeat the same stupid mistake, over and over again, without spicing up the deadly cocktail with something new and fun. Something like (...)

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Hi, my name is Puchiko and I'm a wipe'oholic. It's been over three months minutes since I last wiped - which, by the way, is quite an acomplishment on my behalf. Some say it's always my fault... others... simply /nod. Me, I like to think of wiping as a necessary learning process in World of Warcraft, and a gratifying sado-masochistic experience at the same time. To that end, wiping - much like sex - is best enjoyed in groups of five or more (or so I heard), and it takes years and years of bloody practice, in order to master the fine art of wiping!

So, following a string of thoughts more or less similar to the above babble, the resident drunken boomkin Lilium made me stitch up this web-thingie called Wipefest, where skilled corpse-runners and noobs alike will hopefully discover and learn to appreciate the beauty of wiping, both in game and in real life, by ways of orally administering ample amounts of booze. Various other WoW-related or random topics will also be brought under discussion, and if all else fails, the occasional videos streamed from our little-sister website TVkon may also keep you entertained for a couple of minutes.

P.S. You may have noticed that "craftizan.com" domain in the address bar... yeah, that's a different story. One which we - as in I - am still working on. You should find it very useful though, if you're into crafting, trading and other gold-making schemes; so stick around.
There are two kinds of people in this world of Warcraft: wipers, and wipees. Which one are you?...

Think about that for a while, until we think about what the hell we're going to write on this website from here on. Oh, and by the way - welcome to Wipefest!

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