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Right, I mean that as in the next World of Warcraft expansion, after Cataclysm. And my suggestion for Blizzard is quite simple: if they're so bent on simplifying item stats, to hell with all of them, and add one single one instead. Let's call it "Multiplier" for now.

The way this "Multiplier" would work is that, by multiplying it with your character's current level, you would end up with a final value - let's call it "Wootness" - which directly translates into attack / spell power, health, mana, armor and pretty much everything else. Your class and talents would obviously factor in to scale said Wootness accordingly. So yeah, there would still be plenty of adjustments possible, but everything would be based around that sole "Multiplier" stat on items.

For example: a lv.90 character with a total of 1000 Multiplier from gear would have 90,000 points of Wootness - which could translate into 9000 spell power (10% of Wootness). Or 45,000 mana (50% of Wootness). So on, so forth.

So what if every cloth wearer would be rolling for the same item? How's that any different from Cataclysm?

Curses! Cursed be he who had the bloody brilliant idea to remove the best healing belt that badges can buy, and hide it away in some timed chest inside Zul'Aman. Now how the hell am I supposed to get it! Just when I finally managed to gather another 60 badges... And it's not like I had it written down on my heroic shopping list, planning, yearning to buy it for the last couple of months, nooo... Fuck. I'm so pissed off right now, I could take my Justice-kun and go sodomize that pedobear boss in ZA, until he coughs up my goddamn healing belt. We wants it, preciousss!

In loving memory of...
Beta testing World of Warcraft was a lot of fun back in the day, when I couldn't care less about raiding, PvP and end-game power-rangers content. I had all the time in the world to explore Azeroth inside-out, breaking the normal map limits, and finding funny references to all sorts of things - those so-called "Easter Eggs". Soon enough, there were massive lists with 'em eggs thrown on the internets, and now... three years later, people are still (re)discovering some. So behold, the hottest news of the month: there be rotten easter eggs in World of Warcraft!
"6. Linken is a gnome in Un'Goro Crater. His quest starts when you find his raft (boat) on one of the pools to the southeast. Linken gives you a photograph containing Linken and a female Gnome standing in front of Stormwind Castle.
Reference: Link and Zelda stand in front of Hyrule Castle. The female Gnome is dressed similarly to Zelda.

7. During the First Aid "Triage" quest in Hammerfall, one of the dying patients says: "Goodbye, cruel world, I'm leaving you today... goodbye... goodbye...
Reference: Pink Floyd - Lyrics from The Wall Album song: Goodbye Cruel World.

10. What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets... is a quest given at the Bridge near Eclipse Point, Shadowmoon Valley ... Part of the Cipher of Damnation quest-chain.
Reference: Amused to Death (1992, Solo Album) - Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame
What God Wants Part. 1"

Well point me at the sky and smack me silly with an axe, Eugene! What's next? Discovering several species of small furry animals for sale at the exotic pet vendor?
I may have been joking around last night when I said there is no cow level on the Sunwell Island, either. But come to think of it, I find it highly unfair - and racist - that there are dungeons in World of Warcraft where we can slaughter all the playable races - gnomes (first and foremost), orcs, humans, trolls, elves, dwarves, undead, even a generous amount of draenei down in Auchenai Crypts. All... except for one. Cows Tauren. And so I dare ask, why?!

Why isn't there any dungeon themed around the tauren way of life and death, filled with big hairy cows just waiting to be barbecued? And don't give me any "oh, but there are some in BFD" bullcrap (no pun intented), because that's hardly a tauren dungeon. So the next question would be - where could such a dungeon be located?

Well, I'm no expert in Horde-side geography, but one place in particular comes to mind: those desolate cliffs just West of Mulgore, with all sorts of ruins as you fly over them. How about an intricate network of caves hidden up there, with a secluded clan of tauren plotting to take over the world of Warcraft, by invoking some big nasty spirits through excessive use of narcotics. Or whatever narrative pretext Blizzard would come up with. Anything's fine, really, just as long as we get to kill us some damn cows.

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